Power Cordz Derailleur Cable Set

Power Cordz Derailleur Cable Set

Product Code: 854563001529
Price: £54.00

Experience the next generation of cycling cable control systems! IoDupont's Power Cordz cable systems introduce several new innovations over the traditional steel cable. Power Cordz are more lightweight, more durable, and perform better than steel cables over a longer period. Each of these next generation cables contain thousands of Zylon fiber strands, one of the strongest superfibers known to man. These fibers are coated with a nylon sleeve for protection, optimum performance, and long life. These combined characteristics make Power Cordz the best performing, most durable, and lightest weight cable on the market. Over 75% lighter than steel cables Smooth, responsive control - high flexibility, low friction Durable, dependable, and no corrosion - PowerCordz will not rust, and the smooth coating resists grime buildup. Low maintenance - fewer adjustments needed over the life of your cable system Compatible with Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo shift systems

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