Powerbar Protein Plus Chocolate

Powerbar Protein Plus Chocolate

Brand:  PowerBar
Product Code: 4029679520028
Price: £1.95

Product Description Powerbar protein plus bar get the energy you need for strength and recovery. Powerbar proteinplus is a low fat, high protein bar. Perfect for all active people with a higher need for protein. The protein bar with amino power. Powerbar protein plus contains 30 percent high quality protein and therefore constitutes an ideal source of protein for all active people. With an extremely low fat content of only 7. 5 percent the powerbar proteinplus is ideally suited for nourishing sports people and food sensitive people. The added minerals calcium, magnesium sodium as well as the trace elements iron, zinc, copper, chromium and iodine ensure that the body is receiving an optimum supply of these important nutrients during strenuous activity. Ingredients Oligofructose, milk protein (20%), chocolate coating, whey protein (11%), rice syrup, humectant maltitol, fructose syrup, caramel, flavouring, cocoa powder, dicalcium phosphate (1627mg/100g), magnesium carbonate (813mg/100g), vitaminmix (vit. C, vit. E, niacin, pantothenic acid, vit. B6, vit. B2, vit. B1, folic acid, biotine, vit. B12), l-leucine (182mg/100g), l-glutamine (127mg/ 100g), l-valine (91mg/ 100g), l-isoleucine (82mg/100g), zinc gluconate (18.83mg/100g), ferrous-ii-fumarate (13.7mg/100g), copper-ii-gluconate (3.86mg/100g), potassium iodine (119µg/100g), chromium-iii-chlorid 83.1µg/100g), sodium selenite (39.8µg/100g). May contain traces of treenuts.

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