Kryptonite Modulus System cable lock - Double Noose Pack (10 mm x 107 cm)

Kryptonite Modulus System cable lock - Double Noose Pack (10 mm x 107 cm)

Product Code: 720018000440
Price: £29.00

Kryptonite's MODULUS is an innovative, patent pending, modular locking system that adapts to your situation, with the best security available in an integrated cable lock One lock head fits various cable styles and lengths providing you the ability to customize your lock to fit various lock-up needs Kryptonite's MODULUS double noose pack is the most versatile security system created and utilizes two 107 cm x 10 mm noose style cables Use a single noose for the same lockup length as a conventional 6 cable with less weight, or use both nooses for double the security Braided steel cable is flexible, easy to use and provides greater cut resistance than twisted cable against attacks Advanced wafer style cylinder with double cut keys no fiddling with which way the key inserts into the lock Leave the lock head attached to bracket for faster lock-ups or detach it for more versatility Multi-location bracket allows mounting almost anywhere on the bike Use the strap mount for no tools installation or remove the strap and mount to the frame braze-ons Fits virtually all tube shapes and sizes up to 80mm diameter Integrated stainless steel cylinder weather guard closes automatically Hook-n-Loop strap supports cable during travel or when not in use

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